The 200,000 plus BC university and college students are as my friend Alicia said, “gathered for a season and scattered for a lifetime.” Our future leaders, educators, and policy makers are being influenced at the most strategic point in their lives on the college campus. Four years later these students from almost every nation are poised to enter the marketplace. Will these students have at least one opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ before they graduate?

BC Campus Ministries (BCCM) exists to reach, equip, and send students with the gospel of Jesus Christ while they are gathered for a season on campus. We seek to be a positive influence with the love and grace of Christ in student’s lives through worship, mentoring, witness, fellowship, and prayer.

Our on-campus presence provides a community for Christian students to live Christ-like lives among their peers and professors. A typical BCCM ministry also has un-churched seekers from various backgrounds involved. Students are looking to see if the Christ we proclaim is personal.



What We Believe:

1.  we believe... the Bible is God's message to us. so we seek... to understand and obey its truth.

2.  we believe... there is one God who is three persons. so we yearn... to know Him in all of His complexity and beauty.

3.  we believe... Jesus is fully God and fully human-born of a virgin. so we rejoice... that Christ can be a bridge between us and God.

4.  we believe... people, throughout history, have sinned against God. so we are... deeply aware that we too are marked by willful disobedience.

5.  we believe... God extends forgiveness to us through Christ. so we repent... and rejoice in our forgiveness.

6. we believe...God offers freedom from sin's grasp. so we live... lives that are pleasing to God.

7.  we believe... followers of Jesus must be empowered by the Holy Spirit. so we expect... supernatural power in our daily lives.

8. we believe... in the Church. so we live... in this community of faith, inviting others to join us.

9. we believe... God gives leaders as gifts to His Church. so we serve... those whom the Lord entrusts to us.

10. we believe... God commands his followers to be water baptised and celebrate communion. so we practice... these symbolic actions, reflecting on their significance.

11. we believe... Jesus will return to claim His Church. so we live... in expectancy of His coming.

12. we believe... Christ will one day be seen clearly as King on earth. so we live... as citizens of His Kingdom now.

13. we believe... God is the ultimate Judge. so we live... knowing that our choices will echo through eternity.

14. we believe... in Christ's resurrection, so we live... with hope regardless of our circumstances.