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Parent's Checklist For Kids Going To Uni

The day your son or daughter leaves home, or dropping your child off at their campus can be an emotional one!  This is a very exciting day for them and they are usually very glad to be stepping into this phase of... Read More


The Power Was On At Emerge!

We were so grateful that the Camp Hope staff were able to host our 11th annual Emerge weekend!  The ice storm had knocked down many trees and the power in the days leading up to our weekend conference.  The crew got... Read More

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The Miracle Started With Free Food!

A UBC student was invited to a free campus BBQ.  The student had no idea just how much God would satisfy their spiritual hunger.   “When I first came to UBC, I went to the free BBQ. I went because of the free food... Read More

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Waking Up To Community

Here's the story of a student who got involved in the campus ministry at Vancouver Island University.  "University Christian Ministries (UCM) has been one of the most influential groups to my personal growth as a... Read More

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Red Frogs In Global News!

Global News Okanagan did a story on April 25 how the University of BC Okanagan was responding to the mass-murder of five students in Calgary at a year-end university party. The Student's Union President suggested... Read More

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Emerge WOP

Billy Graham said. "Heaven is full of answers to prayers for which no one ever bothered to ask."   Imagine if we knew what those answers were ahead of time.  Do you think it would motivate our faith and excitement... Read More

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Does Giving Lead to Giving?

I heard Halloween described in the news this year as the "annual night of giving". For many children, it's all about collecting candies and chocolate bars. When I was a kid this was my favourite part as well. But... Read More

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What comes "After University"

Over the past years, we have recognized a desire to help our university and college graduates consider their post-graduation steps a little more vigorously. And so... welcome to life After University. BCCM is... Read More

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High School Grads: Tips To Success

Choosing a major, passing organic chemistry, dealing with lunch lines, laughing late at night, and sitting in lecture halls filled with 400 other English 101 students; that’s college life and it’s one transition you... Read More

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It was great to have a SFU professor of computer science speak to us on why an academic believes in Jesus. 2 other SFU faculty shared with BCIT staff about the Christianity 101 course offered free to students there.... Read More