Parent's Checklist For Kids Going To Uni

Parent's Checklist For Kids Going To Uni

The day your son or daughter leaves home, or dropping your child off at their campus can be an emotional one!  This is a very exciting day for them and they are usually very glad to be stepping into this phase of life. Here are some important do's and don'ts as your kids leave to go to a post secondary school.


1.  Express your great optimism for their life and affirm their abilities.

2.  Pray for healthy relationship connections with Christians on campus.

3.  Offer information to them about a credible campus ministry and church go to our campus locator for more info.

4.  Send them care packages with their favourite snacks, bus fare, gift cards, a Bible verse, and a handwritten note. Go to Soul Feed for more ideas.

Some don'ts:

1.  Hovering is annoying to your child.  It makes them feel you are trying to control them.

2.  Avoid shooting down ideas and opinions you don't like with your child.  Keep the conversation going with respect with asking "why" questions and affirming valid points.

3.  Guilting them if they take a break from school. Lots of students drop out of school after 1-2 years to reasses their career goals.  Be supportive of their dreams.